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Why We're Resolute: Purposeful, Determined, Unwavering, and Admirable

Dig a little into the meaning behind our name and you’ll learn about what makes us who we are. Resolute means purposeful, determined, unwavering, and admirable. We think there is no better way to describe our steadfast mission for educating tomorrow’s leaders. Resolute Academy exists to serve our local community and provide the best education possible to the children of Watts in South Los Angeles. We are a free, college preparatory middle school with the courage to break down barriers that stand in the way of our students’ dreams.

Resolute Academy is Purposeful

From the ground up, Resolute Academy is planned with purpose and intention. Our mission is to equip students in grades 5 through 8 with the academic foundation and strength of character necessary to excel in selective high schools and colleges. Everything from our curriculum to our safe, small environment is carefully planned to support our mission. 


We hire highly qualified teachers who are also skilled at developing trusting relationships with middle school students. We target students’ strengths and areas of improvement to help prepare them for the rigors of high school. Everything we do, we do with a purpose in mind. 


Resolute student with sign saying she grew 17 points in Math

Resolute Academy is Determined

We work unceasingly to get to know our students, meet them where they are, and get them where they need to be. Learning at Resolute Academy is personalized and designed to move students along their individual paths. 


We are determined to reduce barriers to learning in middle school and increase acceptance to top high schools and colleges. Our 8th grade transition class, support from the counseling staff for applications, and hunt for scholarship money help ease the move into high school. We are here to provide the support and resources every student deserves. We’ve got grit and we don’t stop. 

Resolute Academy is Unwavering

Not even a global pandemic can slow our unwavering support for our students. When California closed due to COVID restrictions, our teachers pivoted to online instruction like it was old news. We helped students find a way to carve out quiet, tech-based places to learn, meeting them one-to-one if needed, and showing up for 270 minutes of online, synchronous instruction. No student was left behind because of resources or technology—we took care of it all. 

Everyone at Resolute, from the founding leaders to the lunch staff to the teachers, is invested in the success of our students. No questions or requests are off-limits—we are here with you to the finish line.


Three resolute students on the playground wearing unicorn headbands


Resolute Academy is Admirable

Character development is at the heart of our mission. Both inside and outside the walls of our school, our students mirror our WATTS values for all to admire: Woke, Accountable, Tenacious, Thoughtful, and Strong.  


Our inclusionary vision for our all students is also admirable: Our students know that they are safe to express their cultural, gender, racial, and sexual identities because they will be embraced and celebrated for who they are. Resolute Academy values each and every student and family that walks through our doors and you can depend on us to be resolute in our mission to support your child’s dreams and future. 


About Resolute Academy 


Resolute Academy equips students in grades five through eight with the academic foundation and strength of character necessary to excel in school and in life. As a free, college preparatory, public charter middle school located in the Watts community of South Los Angeles, we are proud to be part of the fabric of the Watts community and we harness the hope and forward-thinking that abounds here. Enrolling grades 5-8 tuition-free today!